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Chess Pillow | Solvejg Makaretz | Tröskö Design


Chess Pillow
Solvejg Makaretz

My goal has always been to apply my art to practical products to wear or to use. My “surface pattern designs” go on a variety of products, including fabric, water bottles, aprons, greeting cards, jars, notebooks, pillows, etc. I love seeing my work out in the world and if my designs tell a story or make people laugh, that’s even better. 

Most of these designs start out as a pencil sketch or watercolor/marker drawing. Eventually, they are finished off in the program Illustrator. For my product line, Tröskö Designs, my designs are printed on fabric, from which I sew pillows and zippered pouches. My designs on tea towels are screen printed for me.

For the “Craft Makers’ Gambit Show”, the inspiration for my color choices came from the LGBTQ Progress Pride Rainbow flags and Warhol’s photo series of Marilyn Monroe. The inspiration for my design content came from the game board of Chess – of course!

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of The Craft Maker’s Gambit Exhibition.

Out of stock

Yarmouth, ME

Tröskö Design is a surface design studio based in Maine and helmed by Scandinavian surface pattern designer Solvejg Makaretz. The styles of her home design collection range from modern-sparse to colorful-whimsical. She is passionate about drawing fun and witty patterns for a variety of products.

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