Center for Maine Craft
P.O. Box 173 Gardiner, ME 04345
288 Lewiston Rd.
West Gardiner, ME 04345

Manager: Whitney Gill

Maine Craft Portland
521 Congress St. Portland, ME 04101

Manager: Maria Wolff


Center for Maine Craft Consignment Form

Maine Craft Portland Consignment Form

Consignment Agreement

Referral Percentages


MCA Members are respectfully directed to pay the Maine Crafts Association a percentage (10% or 25%) of each sale that is a direct result of Shop Maine Craft efforts referrals, representation and campaigns.

25% to Maine Crafts Association for special / custom orders originating through gallery but managed by artist and processed by artist

  • Ex: MCA or Shop staff connect a customer directly to an artist for a custom order if the nature of of the order is best served through direct communication. In this scenario the the artist and customer arrange for the delivery and payment.
  • Ex: A customer visits a Shop Maine Craft gallery, sees an item in the gallery and then contacts the artist directly to purchase the same type of item from them instead of purchasing in gallery. (In this scenario, the artist may not remove the item from the gallery to sell it to the customer, they must tell the customer to purchase it from the gallery and will receive the normal consignment percentage).

10% to Maine Crafts Association for sales with customers referred to artists through MCA + Shop efforts but customer contacts artist directly. 

  • Ex: Sales gleaned through MCA + Shop Maine Craft social media campaigns
  • Ex: Customer learns about artist in Shop Maine Craft gallery and contacts artist to purchase or order something different than the items viewed in the gallery
  • Ex: Artist sales resulting from MCA + Shop features – featured artists, featured products, online exhibitions, etc

Artists do not need to pay MCA a percentage for sales resulting from PAID marketing (such as co-op ads) or paid programs (such as craftshows)