Center for Maine Craft
P.O. Box 342 Gardiner, ME 04345
288 Lewiston Rd.
West Gardiner, ME 04345

Manager: Whitney Gill

Maine Craft Portland
521 Congress St. Portland, ME 04101

Manager: Maria Wolff


Center for Maine Craft Consignment Form

Maine Craft Portland Consignment Form

Consignment Agreement

Referral Percentages


MCA Members are respectfully directed to pay the Maine Crafts Association a percentage (10% or 25%) of each sale that is a direct result of Shop Maine Craft efforts referrals, representation and campaigns.

25% to Maine Crafts Association for special / custom orders originating through gallery but managed by artist and processed by artist

  • Ex: MCA or Shop staff connect a customer directly to an artist for a custom order if the nature of of the order is best served through direct communication. In this scenario the the artist and customer arrange for the delivery and payment.
  • Ex: A customer visits a Shop Maine Craft gallery, sees an item in the gallery and then contacts the artist directly to purchase the same type of item from them instead of purchasing in gallery. (In this scenario, the artist may not remove the item from the gallery to sell it to the customer, they must tell the customer to purchase it from the gallery and will receive the normal consignment percentage).

10% to Maine Crafts Association for sales with customers referred to artists through MCA + Shop efforts but customer contacts artist directly. 

  • Ex: Sales gleaned through MCA + Shop Maine Craft social media campaigns
  • Ex: Customer learns about artist in Shop Maine Craft gallery and contacts artist to purchase or order something different than the items viewed in the gallery
  • Ex: Artist sales resulting from MCA + Shop features – featured artists, featured products, online exhibitions, etc

Artists do not need to pay MCA a percentage for sales resulting from PAID marketing (such as co-op ads) or paid programs (such as craftshows)

Shop Maine Craft | Gallery Consignment Policy

SMC / Shop Maine Craft (Consignee) Responsibilities  

  • SMC will charge an agreed upon retail price. The vendor percentage will not change when the SMC has a sale or offers a member discount and charges less than the agreed upon retail price. 
  • Consignment breakdown:
  1. For items with a retail price of $1,999 or less, 60% is paid to the artist / 40% to SMC.  
  2. $2000 or more: 70% to the artist / 30% to SMC
  • For all applicable sales, SMC will charge, collect and submit Maine State sales tax 
  • Vendors are paid for sales in the previous month by the 15th of the following month. (ex: Payment for May sales will be sent on June 15th). Checks are mailed with a monthly sales report. 
  • SMC is responsible for keeping accurate inventory and sales records for all products. SMC will provide sales, inventory, or other information to the vendor within 48 hours of request.   
  • Products will be displayed in an attractive, professional manner within SMC design guidelines and space limitations.
  • SMC will become familiar with an artist and their product and accurately share this information with customers and constituents in an intelligent manner. 
  • SMC will make a vigilant effort to sell the product 
  • SMC will communicate with the vendor regarding customer questions or requests in a timely manner.
  • SMC maintains insurance on retail gallery inventory and takes full responsibility for their safety while in our facilities. Insurance coverage is limited to the artists’ consignment percentage.  

Artist (Vendor) Consignor Responsibilities 

  • New 2020: Notice for deliveries is required. Please contact staff before dropping off or picking up products from the SMC craft galleries. 
  • Artist guarantees that the consigned property is the original work of the artist and that sale of the property does not violate any property right or copyright.
  • Artist lives in Maine a minimum of 6 months per year
  • All retail prices shall be determined by the artist/vendor
  • All products are priced within 5% of the price they are listed elsewhere (studio, other galleries, craft shows, etc.) This excludes special promotions, seconds, or sales held in other venues. 
  • Maine Crafts Association membership must be renewed annually by January 15th. Required levels are Professional or Retail, depending on media. 
  • Artist will communicate with staff regarding orders and inventory questions in a timely manner.   
  • Artist will supply SMC with necessary care instructions (as needed) to include with sold products. 
  • Artist will supply a packing list with every delivery. SMC provides consignment forms online or in-store as needed. 
  • Products must be clearly marked so they are easily identifiable when compared to the packing list.
  • Be respectful of staff’s dedication to customer service when dropping off products or visiting the craft galleries. If customers are in the store, staff won’t be able to spend significant time working with you. Please understand if we need to follow-up later with an email or phone call. 
  • Understand that part-time employees may not always be able to help you with questions or details. Please be patient if gallery management or bookkeeper needs to be contacted to respond to your inquiry.
  • Artist/Vendor is responsible for product shipping costs and safe transportation to and from SMC craft galleries. 

Release of Liability: 

SMC staff often accommodate requests to personally transport goods for artists. This activity is not insured by SMC nor the individual transporting the work and the artist assumes all the risk. The SMC and its staff/volunteers/affiliates are not responsible for damage of product during transit of goods to its craft galleries (the Center for Maine Craft & Maine Craft Portland) or other SMC exhibition or event locations. SMC is not responsible for loss or damage of vendor’s displays or signage.

Gallery Representation:

We suggest that artists do not exhibit works that are of intense personal value, or not covered by a retail price. SMC orders inventory believed to have good potential of selling in each retail gallery. Each product is given a fair chance to connect with our customers and constituents. 

A 70% difference in inventory must be maintained between SMC craft galleries, meaning an artist will likely only be represented in one location. Gallery preference and transfers are considered on a case-by-case basis by craft gallery management.  


 SMC must regularly rotate inventory to make room for new work. Rotation decisions are made on a case-by-case basis: SMC reserves the right to rotate inventory at their own discretion. When a rotation determination is made, the artist/vendor will be contacted and asked to remove their work from one or both SMC craft galleries. Maine Crafts Association membership will not be refunded in this scenario. 

This agreement will terminate on written notice of either the vendor or Shop Maine Craft. Upon termination, all accounts will be paid in full within thirty (30) days. All inventory will be returned to the vendor within thirty (30) days. After 60 days, any unclaimed inventory will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Shop Maine Craft. 

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Maine. 

Additional recommendations to increase sales:

Marketing: Provide business cards, brochures or other marketing materials with your product

Labeling: Provide hang-tags for your product

Stay in touch! If you have questions about craft gallery inventory, reach out to staff anytime 

New Members: Provide images, bio, and link to your website for your member profile on 

New Products: Make an appointment to show gallery management your new products. If they are in a different media than the work we currently carry, please sign up for a jury session (i.e.: we carry your hot sauce, but now you are making leather boots!)

Displays: Management must approve all displays. If SMC accepts your display, we reserve the right to display other products on it and are not responsible for loss or damage. 

Deliveries: Aim to drop off product at the beginning of the week to ensure it is processed and available for sale by the weekend. Friday drop-offs may not make it onto the floor by the next day. 

Advertising: It’s a two-way street! Use your social media platforms to let customers know that your work is available in SMC craft galleries.