The Craft Maker’s Gambit
An Exhibition of Chess

On View: Nov 5 – Dec 31st, 2021
Location: Maine Craft Portland
Best in Show Checkmate Winner Announcement: December 3rd


WGM SABINA FOISOR, 2017 US Women’s Chess Champion visits
Maine Craft Portland!
LECTURE: Dec 2nd, 7pm (limited tickets available)
BLITZ MATCHES (speed chess): Dec. 3rd, 5p-9p
Come watch this talented grandmaster play or sign up to play Sabina yourself on First Friday’s Art Walk!

Hosted by the Maine Crafts Association in partnership with the Maine Chess Association

Craft Maker: A person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan

Gambit: A device, action, or opening remark, typically one entailing a degree of risk, that is calculated to gain an advantage.

Unique Chess Boards and Chess Themed Work

The game of Chess is making a sensational pop culture comeback with patrons of all ages coming out of the woodwork looking for unique chess boards and themed items.

Maine Crafts Association invited MCA craft artist members to create upon the theme of this ancient game for exhibition. Most all mediums of craft will be represented in this show, from felted wool, ceramics and fine woodworking to forged steel, sculpted glass and multi-media!

While we are thrilled to hear of our patrons’ interest in acquiring Maine made chess sets, we are aware of the amount of time it takes to create a full Chess set. Here we encouraged makers to collaborate!

The exhibition is not limited to full chess sets: Some of our members are creating work based on the theme, from textiles to sculpture.

Checkmate Winner!

Gallery patrons will cast their vote for Best in Show, we will fondly call the Checkmate Winner, throughout the first weeks of the exhibition. The winner(s) receive a free 2022 MCA membership and serious MCA bragging rights & PR love!

Votes must be cast by Nov. 28th at 3pm.

Participating MCA Exhibitors:

Full Chess Sets:

Wicks Forge
Peter Lambshead
Don Best
Ian Trask
Elysa Rose-Coster
Peter & Sandra Asselyn
David Masury & Maria Wolff
Whitney Gill & Allison McKeen
Rebecca May Verrill & S.E. Hall Furniture & Design
Jim Macdonald & Lucky Platt
Shannon Richards
Barbara Walch Pottery
Goodland Pottery
Joe Rosshirt with Dole’s Orchard
Naomi Grace McNeill

Chess Inspired Work:

Jaime Wing
Tröskö Design
Boyd Johnson
Erica Schlueter
Christine Peters
Nancy Nevergole
Erlynne Kitagawa