Meet + Collect + Learn: MCA Guild Level Members

This membership level is for the MCA professional craft artist members who exhibit in the Guild Fine Craft Shows. All members have been approved through a jury of their peers. The shows are multi-day market places where the public can see, collect and learn about the highest quality handmade craft objects made by Maine’s most dedicated, talented, and trained craft artist who have mastered their tools, techniques, and vision to create objects for everyday use and special occasions.

2020 marked the first year in which the Maine Crafts Association would manage four shows previously offered by the Maine Crafts Guild (for over 40 years!). Of course all of the 2020 shows were cancelled due to the pandemic, but we were able to bring back three of the four shows in 2021:
Mount Desert Island, Scarborough + Brunswick.

In 2022 we will host the Scarborough, Belfast (first time since 2019!), and Brunswick Guild Fine Craft Shows from August through October.

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An asterisk (*) next to an exhibitor’s name indicates they have made it through the first round of the Guild Level Membership jury application, and will now have an in-person booth jury at one of the Guild shows in order to complete their application for membership!