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Silver & Copper Unfolded Chessboard Earrings | Boyd Johnson


Sterling Silver & Copper Earrings
Boyd Johnson

Creating for a themed exhibition establishes restrictions for the artist while, at the same time, providing a starting point. In the game of chess, the participant knows the parameters of the field, the limitations and capabilities of each piece and the end goal before the game even starts. The challenge of design is the same. Achieving a goal, within constraints, is always the name of the game. I chose the obvious and simple graphic elements of the chessboard as a starting point. Then I tried to use layering, surface texture and contrasting materials to imply the nearly endless possible arrangements of game pieces. Just like designing with a purpose in mind, it is this idea of intent or strategy combined with the discreet positioning of elements of the game which is at the heart of every round of chess.

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of The Craft Maker’s Gambit Exhibition.

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Working from his Central Maine farmhouse, Boyd Johnson creates modernist and architectural pieces from sterling silver, bronze, copper, and 14 karat gold with the incorporation of precious and semi-precious stones. Boyd’s jewelry is hand wrought, meaning every aspect of each piece is built by hand down to the smallest details and fixtures. The metal used is acquired from United States based refineries, recycled rather than recently pulled from the earth. A full-time jeweler, Boyd exhibits his work at local fine craft shows, including MCA’s Portland Fine Craft Show, and many abroad including Lincoln Center in New York City. His favorite regular appearances include the annual Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. A member of the Maine Crafts Association, Boyd is also a member of The Society of North American Goldsmiths.

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Sterling Silver, Peridot Cabochon, Mother of Pearl Cabochon