Whitten Hill Studio

Steve Doe has been interested in wood and making things with it for over 40 years. His projects have been diverse in scale, from jewelry boxes and toys to furniture to a child’s playhouse and ultimately his own home. His work includes inlay and carving, stains and various finishes, traditional joinery, and unusual wood pairings, to make each piece unique. While his furniture design is heirloom quality, it is relaxed, comfortable and functional; the arms of his chairs are always wide enough to accommodate your wine glass or cocktail plate. His finishes are designed to stand up to kids, dogs, and cats!

Steve has a BS in Landscape Architecture from the Ohio State University (1986) and his eye for organic design extends to commercial and residential development. He is a Registered Landscape Architect in the state of Maine and is also a LEEDs certified “green” designer. He has worked on design projects from Machias, Maine to Baltimore, Maryland, but he always comes back to woodworking at home.

Steve’s custom work is nonpareil; he enjoys the challenge of making a piece that is just what his client wants. Please contact him to discuss your interest in a piece of furniture, cutting board, or candle holder that is unequaled in quality and design, and inimitably yours!

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