Transformit Installation @ Center for Maine Craft

Opening November 23, 2020 at the Center for Maine Craft, Cynthia Thompson will be bringing the magic of Transformit to the MCA’s northern hub in West Gardiner. Thompson’s large-scale fabric architecture, made with fabric stretched over metal frame, will be installed throughout the retail gallery and travel plaza from November through early winter of 2021.

Spatial Reflectors

Cynthia Thompson

In order to save our planet one must reflect, and then act!
Comet Rockets have landed with their Cosmic Helpers aboard.
Cosmic Helpers are now inhabiting the Spatial Reflectors.
Look in, look out, and the planet will tap in to your unique, eternal power.
Make your space and pull up a seat to the New World Order.       

Strong magnets adhere these stretched fabric sculptures to the dividers. Each piece has been created by hand with colorful details and playful curves! These items are previewed in the images below, please contact the Center for Maine Craft to make a purchase (coming soon to the webstore!).

Contact: (207)588-0021 |

Social Screens

Partitions and moveable walls for social environments

Transformit’s Ready-Made and custom stretch-fabric partitions and moveable walls articulate space and provide artful separation within social environments. These sculptural forms are ideal for creating social screens in restaurants, open office layouts, salons, and hospitality settings that complement the aesthetics and intent of an interior design.

About Transformit

I believe artists and their art mature and grow throughout their lifetimes, but what was in my heart when I was young is still my prime motivator: storytelling. There were stories in my first drawings, and in my metal and clay sculptures.

As I worked for an MFA, I found a new way of telling stories: performance art. This freed me from the “box” of the gallery, and required me to assemble a team of helpers to accomplish my art projects. Tension fabric sculpture became my medium.

After grad school, I founded Transformit, the “fabric foundry” that builds and installs my sculpture. Transformit’s expertise in tension fabric sculpture is unmatched, and is a resource for other designers and artists who want to tell their own stories.

For thirty years, Transformit has been an artful Maine company. We care about our people and our customers. Transformit serves many markets: Museums, Hospitality, Public Spaces and Events. Our tension fabric structures are used for art, acoustics, lighting and print. Take a look at and let your mind have some fun!