Postcard To Homer by Lisa & Scott Cylinder

Surf and Turf:
Postcards From Maine

Maine Crafts Portland presents the work of Lisa & Scott Cylinder 

On View: September 2nd – 26, 2021

Front and back detail views of Lisa & Scott Cylinder’s “Paddle Necklace”.

Lisa & Scott Cylinder, collaborative Art Jewelers for the past 33 years, present an all new body of work entitled “Surf and Turf: Postcards From Maine” from September 2 – 26, 2021 at Maine Craft Portland (ME). The works, which were all created this year, pay homage to the artist’s environment and are a culmination of collecting and observing the Maine landscape since the pair arrived in Maine in 2018. The pandemic afforded the Cylinder’s a unique window of time to collect and explore, in relative seclusion, to synthesize their adventures into a document of this specific place and moment in time. 

By combining, dissecting, and manipulating their organic components, they realized that many of these pieces include a part of the other – the forest reaching out into the ocean; the waves lapping up against the trees.  The dichotomy of this connection is what “we see around us and also within ourselves.” Their additional incorporation of vintage Maine postcards adds a sentimental aspect to this body of work that is both familiar and reflective. 

Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.