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The name says it all. The deep growling bite of whiskey quickly smoothed out by pure maple syrup and perfectly finished with the tart aftertaste of cranberries. The versatility of this whiskey maple cranberry preserves is endless. You can use it as a condiment at the Thanksgiving table, add it to your favorite vanilla ice cream, mix it with cream cheese or just skip to the spoon and enjoy it all by itself.

Ingredients: cranberries, sugar, whiskey, maple syrup, maple extract, orange peel

Net Wt. 9 oz (255g)

This item is located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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Olde Haven Farm
Chelsea, Maine

The story behind Olde Haven Farm is our family’s story. We had a vision: to leave the suburbs and settle in New England with our children so we could reconnect with traditional ways of living simply on the land and sharing in its bounty. Our journey has been a transformational one, and we hope to bring some of that magic to you through our goods. The foods we create—home-grown produce and meats, artisanal butchery products from our livestock, and elegant preserves, pickles and more—offer an elevated taste experience rooted in rural delights.

Our diversified family farm is rustic and real, and we farm from our beliefs. We believe in knowing where our food comes from. We believe that animals deserve happy, healthy, natural lives. We believe in being good stewards of our land. That’s why our 90-acre farmstead in central Maine uses ethical growing and making practices, including pasture-raised and hormone-free heritage breed animals, rotational grazing and MOFGA-certified organic produce. Working this land is our passion, and a source of daily wonder. Visit us and you’ll find sheep wandering the lush green meadows and pigs exploring the oak-filled forest, as well as a farm store stocked with our pantry and frozen items, plus our latest recipe experiments, soaps, salsas and other surprises!

To create our fine foods, we use our own harvest and animals and source other regional ingredients from our neighbors. We evolve classic recipes and draw upon world cuisines, often combining unexpected flavors such as Maple Bourbon pickles, Blueberry Lavender jam and Coconut Curry sausage. All of that local goodness is then turned into rarified tastes to lay out on your table. Our dream is for everything you bring home from us to be refined and extraordinary.

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