The Maine Birthday Book | Tonya Shevenell


A new children’s book celebrating the wildlife, geography and magic of Maine through the birthday stories and special wishes of animal friends.

Birthday stories abound when a thoughtful chickadee asks his friends from all over Maine’s woods, waterways and wilderness a special question: what would you wish for?

Join Doodles, a puffin from Knox County; Socks, a black bear from Penobscot County; Chester, a snowshoe hare from Franklin County and the rest of the animal friends for a party to be enjoyed any day of the year.

Hardcover book with jacket
52 pages | Page size 10.75”(width) x 9.75”(height)
ISBN 9781733951609 | Published by Home Ice Productions, Portland ME
Written for the kid inside all of us, but especially sweet for children 3-8
Written by Tonya Shevenell | Illustrated by Laura Winslow


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Tonya Shevenell | Malibu Maine

Hello, my name is Tonya. I’m a Maine native and author of The Maine Birthday Book.
Malibu Maine is an imaginary hometown I built when I needed a place to go and feel sure of myself at a time when my world felt unsure. Part fort, part frontier, it was where I went to escape and explore; think and not think. Having Malibu was like having a workshop for my imagination. I could design whatever I wanted, and in the process, find the perspective I needed to redesign how I felt about things mostly out of my control outside Malibu.
I made the idea of Malibu Maine into a website so I could share some of my projects, and encourage people I care about to make space for their imagination.
The Maine Birthday Book is the new addition in town! It brings animal friends, stories, special wishes and a lot of love for the outdoors. Maybe it brought you here!
As the seasons change in Malibu Maine, so does the scenery. We hope you’ll be a regular around town.


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