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Seed Pod

“One version of the grail legend is that the original grail was the simple cup that Jesus had used at the Last Supper. Supposedly it has been rediscovered at a church in Spain, now highly bejeweled and unrecognizable. I find this an allegory for what our lives have become: we began simply,and throughout our lives have been adding layers of embellishment, notquite realizing that we may have hidden our truth with those embellishments, which have taken on a life of their own.

Since this exhibit was first announced, the Pandemic has entered and affected all our lives in some fashion. One of the effects is that we’ve started to see the layers that have taken over our lives. These vessels are my attempt to return to our simple truths. It felt to me that all the legends contained the wish for Redemption. I believe each of us
has within us our own vessel, carrying the seeds of our own redemption.

The ingredients are paper, cotton, linen, acrylic polymer. The pieces are meant to be “for Aesthetic Meditation”, but don’t do it in the rain. They are not waterproof, and they may change shape.”



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Dee Kinloch

A fiber artist and sculptor, Dee joined the MCA Center for Maine Craft retail sales team in 2016. Dee is the main contact for artists and businesses who would like to display their brochures on our cultural tourism racks in West Gardiner.

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