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Oval Birch Platter | Rocky Mann


A lovely handmade ceramic platter, ideal for serving or display.

Just past Rocky Mann’s house, in Acadia National Park, is a grove of birches. His work is inspired by these elegant white and black trees. In each season they display their beauty in a different way. This series is a tribute to the majestic Birch.

This piece is sourced from Center for Maine Craft and Maine Craft Portland.

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Rocky Mann
Bar Harbor, ME

Rocky Mann treats clay as a canvas where he can explore various firing techniques.  He is inspired by the natural world that surrounds him on Mount Desert Island.  Rocky designs, makes, glazes and fires each piece of pottery. He works with a variety of techniques and firing methods, including  high-fire glazed porcelain, raku and saggarware.  Over 45 years, Rocky remains continuously challenged and fascinated with the art of clay.

Shipping Measurements

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 1 in

Stoneware, Oxides, Glaze