Moon Dance | Red + White | Antje Roitzsch


A stunning red and white mobile/kinetic sculpture made with hand-cut aluminum.  The piece itself is approximately 30″ tall.

Repeated moon shapes appear between elegant longer rounded forms, giving this piece a rhythm and uplifting feeling. The material is a painted aluminum that is red on one side, white on the other. While slowly moving in the air current, there will be a change of red to white, often both visible at the same time.

This item is currently located at Maine Craft Portland.

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Visual Arts Maine
Lincolnville, ME

Antje Roitzsch is a mixed media artist working in many different disciplines. Antje grew up in Germany in a family that placed a strong emphasis on making and being creative. Her broad education in a Waldorf upbringing gave her exposure to skills and a creative vocabulary that she still draws from today. Beyond that foundation, a four-year goldsmith apprenticeship helped Antje build a solid understanding of careful, skilled craftsmanship. Coming from this background in fine art jewelry, Antje’s current focus is on sculpture, particularly the whimsical, moving art of mobiles.

Shipping Measurements

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in