Maine Quilts: 250 Years of Comfort and Community | Laureen A. LaBar


Quilting has a rich history in Maine and America and its popularity has surged in recent years as people return to traditional handcrafts. The history of quilting in Maine is a story of community and Maine State Museum curator Laurie LaBar coaxes stories out of objects and uses those stories to enlighten, entertain, and bring new voices to Maine history.

The first book of its kind, Maine Quilts 250 Years of Comfort and Community is the accompanying volume to a major two-year exhibit at the Maine State Museum. Stories abound, and lesser known aspects of the state’s history are brought to light, but the star attractions are the quilts themselves. Ranging from surviving Colonial era quilts to present day creations, more than 150 are presented in full color.

Format: Hardcover
Length: 242 pages
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN: 9781608937301
This book is available at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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Former archaeologist Laurie LaBar is a curator at the Maine State Museum. She has written two previous books, both published by the museum. She lives outside Augusta, Maine.

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