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Ink Spot Mug | Lime Dalmatian | Whitney Gill


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A mug decorated with a stripe of matte lime green at the base and a pattern of painterly black ink spots.  Part of Whitney Gill’s “Ink Spot” series of ceramic pots. 3″ tall

Whitney Gill’s ceramic work consists of functional pottery that is designed for daily use.  Simple, gestural movements layered with shapes and colors evoke an abstract landscape on her pots.  Printmaking and illustration often lead her down new paths in her three dimensional work and provide a method to merge her love for illustration with functional ware.

This piece is currently located at Maine Craft Portland.

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Whitney Gill
Bowdoin, ME

Whitney Gill is a clay artist and illustrator who studied fine art & ceramics at the University of Maine, and has continued to refine her craft through the guidance and support of many great Maine artists & organizations. Whitney is passionate about helping fellow Maine artists establish connections and gain new skills to grow their creative businesses through membership and active involvement in community organizations such as the Maine Crafts Association. Raised on her family’s 200-year-old farm in Western Maine, Whitney has always admired the artist’s way of life and the creative magic that can be found in rural places. She strives to make her own creative contribution to the world around her on a daily basis. She now lives in Bowdoin with her spouse, dog, and two children. In her free time she enjoys exploring the roads less traveled to Maine’s woods, lakes and mountains.

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