Handcrafted Box with Lid | A Flash of Ruby | Four Rooms Studio


This unique box is intricately handcrafted by Kathy Finkel of Four Rooms Studio, every inch featuring meticulous detail – including pearl accents and her own hand-painted vignettes.  It is completely one of a kind.

“Pearls, the oldest known gem, surround a garden hummingbird. As symbols of purity and innocence, the offer a grace as if formed by the ‘passage of angels through the clouds of heaven’. The iridescent flash of ruby and these pearls remind us that they are elegant gifts of nature“.

– Kathy Finkel

The luxurious interior will protect any precious objects that are placed into this box for safekeeping. A perfect, portable travel companion, this box awaits your remarkable treasures.

Measurements: 5 3/8″ wide x 2″ tall

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Four Rooms Studio
Kathy Finkel
Oakland, Maine

“Art is the open door to the pulse of my creativity.
Books are the exhilaration o f my heartbeat.
Each unique handcrafted book is a footstep on my path to communicate with the viewer.
Be invited to make the journey.”

Kathy Finkel is a book artist, printmaker and painter. Her book/box works evolve from her passion to create books as vessels, keepers of secrets, sanctuaries and protectors of personal journeys. Combining the imagery of printmaking, natural materials, digital imaging and painting provides her with a constant source of inspiration and excitement for her unique books. She continues to explore imaginative use of materials in her creative pursuits.

Shipping Measurements

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 3 in