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Earth Biomes Garland | Nina Devenney


Original watercolor illustrations of the six earth biomes printed on organic cotton. Sewn together with herringbone cotton, ready to hang. Wonderful and educational decor for the little naturalist or nature lovers anywhere! Colors are bright and fresh on this natural fabric. Made in Maine!

This piece is currently located at Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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Nina Devenney
Rockland, ME

Born into a family of artists in the woods of midcoast Maine, I have found myself enamored with color, expression, and the natural world from the moment I could wander on my own two feet. Art was my childhood home. The photography and paintings made by my parents lined the walls, while their ceramic work filled our cupboards, held our tea, and cradled our morning toast. My sister and I grew up within this world, that was brimming with design and singing loud with color. I think above all, it taught me to notice, to deeply appreciate, and to find joy in the tiniest of moments.

As an artist, I find myself again and again drawn outside to revel in the endless gems of the natural world. Nature’s undeniable force fuels my work and the ocean’s ability to keep bringing me to the water’s edge illuminates it. The delight of a splash of sun cast on a collection of clouds, the vast power of the salty sea in a fury of snow, and the thrill that lands plunk in the middle of my heart when the full moon throws its handful of light on the water’s ripples at midnight. These are the joys that kiss my work and fuel my inspiration; the very ones that pull me to the canvas again and again. My hope is to share these delights with other hearts, to share the same gift that was given to me as a little being with wide eyes, taking in this vibrantly beautiful world.

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