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This elegant cork-lidded 10oz candle burns cleanly with a soft natural scent. The essence of Hygge. Casually comfortable and perfect when there is a hint of frost in the air. Powdery, with hints of amber and jasmine.

Life is challenging; daily self care should not be!  All of our candles are made of a natural blend of coconut wax and beeswax, with cotton and paper wicks. Years of experimentation have shown us that coconut wax makes a superior candle, both in appearance and fragrance; while being far more eco-conscious than its competitors.

Unlike the processing of soy wax, coconut wax production does not involve hexane rinses, GMO seeds, or deforestation.

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St. George Candle Co.

Thomaston, ME

Ruth Barnett crafts St. George Candles with coconut wax to enhance your home and well-being with warm light is obtained naturally from cold-pressed coconut meat.  No chemicals are used in this process and deforestation is not an issue.  Coconut wax candles burn slow and clean with a superior scent and a creamier appearance than soy.

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