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Chalice (Two Handles) | Jemma Gascoine


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“The ‘Holy Grail’ for me is that ethereal time when the ideas and my abilities and skill flow from me effortlessly on and into my material – clay. I threw eight unique ‘chalice’ stems quickly, one after another, drawing/designing as I threw. Next up was harmonizing the cup parts ‘off the hump’ to attach to the characterful stems. Then the drying
and the glazing. After a piece exploded (I ran out of drying time) and I made a few glazing mistakes, I was left with three original chalices, testament to how amazing creativity and this life can really be!”

Chalice with two handles. Turquoise, Black, White and Red glaze. 6.5″ x 7″

This piece is currently on display at Maine Craft Portland as part of the special exhibition, “The Holy Grail: Miraculous Items of Power“.


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Jemma Gascoine
Blanchard, ME

Jemma began working at Barry Guppy’s studio in Pimlico, London, England in 1999. Guppy was taught by and then taught alongside Lucie Rie and Hans Coper at Camberwell College of Arts.  The tactility and the physicality of throwing, are what drew Gascoine to clay initially. She began selling her pottery in 2001 when she moved to Blanchard, Maine. Gascoine builds her work with stoneware thrown on a potter’s wheel, which she then adapts, alters or augments. A minimalist at heart, she is a contemporary artist who favors clean lines and solid bold colors to accentuate form.

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