Maine Craft Portland Opens, In the Bag

Friday, July 5, 2019

Happy Anniversary Maine Craft Portland! 1 Year, 140+ Maine Craft Artists shown throughout, 1 Holiday Window Contest Win, and Tens of Thousands of Patrons! We thank all of our craft artists and patrons for your continued support! This month’s special exhibit, IN THE BAG will highlight some of Maine’s best leather and mixed media bag makers:

Kurier (Seen in photo)
33 By Hand
Ramble More Design Co
Ron King
Chelsea Van Voorhis

These craft artists will be exhibiting one-of-a-kind bags not to be missed! Special musical guest: clarinet player Allen Price!


Take a free ride on a pedicab (you’ll know which ones are ours when you see them!). Maine Craft Portland and the Metals Collective have partnered to offer free rides between Maine Craft Portland and the Metals Collective annual exhibition opening reception at The Bearded Lady’s Jewel Box.

Let the Metals Collective unlock your curiosity at their 5th Annual Jewel Box show CABINET OF CURIOSITIES. Witness natural oddities redefined; the feather unfurled, the footfall of a cat, the hair of the dog, the opening of an oyster, metallic mandibles and things that lurk in the corners of rooms. Join us July 5th for the opening, where you can meet the artists while tickling your taste buds with signature Jewel Box libations. Show running through Aug. 31st