December 30, 2023

Dear Members & Friends,

It is with regret that we announce the closure of Maine Craft Portland in January of 2024. The decision comes as part of our strategic efforts to ensure the overall financial health and sustainability of both Shop Maine Craft and Maine Crafts Association following a challenging year of business.  In the new year, we will be committed, as always, to investing in programs that offer meaningful benefits to our members and ensure our longevity. 

In the coming month we will be vacating the gallery space and coordinating with vendors for the return or transfer of inventory. Current vendors please stand by for further details and instructions. 

We share our sadness and disappointment with you, recognizing the significant impact this gallery has had on our members and the greater community. We extend our deepest gratitude to those who played key roles in bringing this space to life, particularly Sadie Bliss, former Executive Director, and Maria Wolff, who managed the gallery with love and passion. We also acknowledge the contributions of our current gallery manager, Mia Del Bene, and many more dedicated employees who have carried the mission forward, proudly representing the incredible work of our members in a beautiful space.  

We have greatly valued our relationship with Mechanics’ Hall, our landlord and fellow nonprofit. We wish to support the transition of a new tenant into this historic gallery space and welcome our community to reach out to them with interest.  Please direct inquiries to for more information.

We appreciate your support in this challenging year and hope you will continue to stand with Maine Crafts Association as it enters a new era, along with Shop Maine Craft as a new entity finding its way in a changing economy.


Whitney Gill
Executive Director, Maine Crafts Association & Shop Maine Craft