Lisa Jane Grant Designs

Having travelled solo from a young age to developing nations, I am intrigued by the movement that is required to drop into unknown cultures. Movement of body, ideals, senses, thoughts & perceptions are all required to experience an environment that is unknown.

I am drawn to the techniques of Mokume Gane & Damascus not only because of the challenging metallurgy, but also because of the beauty. By carving, forging, folding & rolling multiple layers of various metals, the final product presents flowing patterns of contrast & movement, a metaphor for the contrasts and similarities amongst cultures, essentially, travel in metal.

I create mokume sheet in my studio, & my Damascus patterns are developed to my specifications. My jewelry is comprised of minimally adorned, contemporary constructs that allow the unique patterns to be the focal point. Each piece is unique in its pattern & each design is named after a place in the world where I have spent time & that has left a personal impression