Karina Steele

Shop Maine Craft presents an exhibition of work by Karina Steele at the Center for Maine Craft.

On View: February 3 – April 2, 2022

Karina’s design inspiration is heavily influenced by the imagery, patterns, and textures of the natural world. She earned a degree in Biology, thinking she would be a wildlife biologist, but ended up getting thwarted by the mountain lifestyle and spent the next 15 years in Crested Butte, a ski town with a coal mining history nestled in the West Elk Mountains. After covering many miles of trails both snowy and dry, she decided to shift gears and started her journey into woodworking and furniture making with a short course at the California College of Art. After that first course, she was hooked, and continued her training at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. For two years, she learned the trade and design of furniture making including a stint as an artist in residence. She then made the move permanently from Colorado to Maine in 2015 and started creating small household/kitchen objects out of her garage studio. In 2018 she started experimenting more with bending wood and exploring sculptural wall hangings, finding a new way to bring all those shapes and textures that inspire her from nature and interpret them into art objects. She now focuses on one of a kind pieces for the home as well as large scale installations for commercial spaces.

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