An exploration of glass artistry and fabrication

Shop Maine Craft presents a solo exhibition by Terrill Waldman and Charlie Jenkins of Tandem Glass at Maine Craft Portland

On view: August 4 – 25, 2023

Terrill Waldman and Charlie Jenkins are the dynamic duo behind Tandem Glass, a hand blown art glass studio and gallery on the shores of the Eastern River in mid-coast Maine. In 2005 the pair developed the technique they are still known for today, The Mosaic Line. Since the style’s inception, thousands of cups are created every year but each is unique and its own masterpiece. 

The duo spend their winters working from memory in Maine blowing glass and designing what will arrive come spring. In the summer, when the world is full of color, they shut down the furnace and turn to finishing work, such as etching surface designs, assembling unique lighting and developing the next year’s color palettes. Charlie’s fascination is with the dynamic properties of this challenging material. He creates unusual and raw forms as well as clean forms, using brilliant colors made with rare earth metals. Primarily Inspired by botany and color, Terrill finds solace and inspiration on her walks through botanical gardens taking in the textures, colors and movements to amplify [or simplify] in her practice. Both artists express their curiosity in their craft, and love fresh exciting techniques in this very physical medium, like transforming challenging off colors like pea green or uranium yellow to elevate the rich qualities by blending colors. 

 Both of these artisans have over 30 years of experience with this beautiful and challenging medium; Their individual works have been shown nationally and internationally. This exhibit presents their individual and collaborative designs. Both new and classic concepts will be displayed, including the Mosaic series, Slinkys and Urchin lights. To explore this exhibit, you can visit Maine Craft Portland in the Arts District from August 4 – 25, 2023