FOUND OBJECT is a carefully curated show of 40+ artists exhibiting new work in the following fine craft media categories: Baskets, Ceramics, Encaustics, Fiber-Decorative, Fiber-Wearable, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry, Leather, Metal, Mixed Media, Paper, Printmaking, Stone, and Wood.

Qualifying applicants will be scored on the following criteria:

Quality: Applicants must live in Maine, own the rights to their designs, and have a hand in the creation or directly oversee the production of their work.

Diversity: We encourage and welcome diversity in all forms and build a market that reflects this.

Originality: We are seeking makers of unique products or collections that stand out and are displayed attractively.

Branding & Social Presence: From your online communications to your craft show display, your business exhibits a strong brand that reflects your personal aesthetic. Bonus points to those who actively promote their presence and participation in upcoming events. Cross-promotion is key to success! 

Curation: We will create a balance of media in order to offer a variety of products to customers. Some media categories will have a waiting list. Accepted exhibitors will be notified by April 29  and booth assignments shared by May 29. 

Membership: Priority is placed on current members of the Maine Crafts Association & Running With Scissors. All are welcome: Learn more and become a member of the Maine Crafts Association at

Booth Fees:

BEFORE MARCH 31, 2024: Application open to current Maine Crafts Association + Running With Scissors Members
10′ x 10′ Booth Space $80 (EZ-UP required)

AFTER MARCH 31, 2024: Application open to all Maine artists
10′ x 10′ Table Booth Space $90 (EZ-UP required)

Exhibitor Criteria:

  • Vendors must bring their own displays, tents, and weights (40lbs per corner)
  • 10ft x 10ft booth spaces: EZ-UP or equivalent required, no exceptions
  • Wifi and electricity not provided 
  • Vendors are required to be present all day:
    Set up 7am – 9am
    Show hours: 9am – 4pm
    Breakdown: 4pm – 6pm
  • Vendors process their own sales and collect sales tax as required
  • Please only sell supplies / seconds from your own studio
  • Event is rain or shine – plan accordingly! 
  • Please plan to take your own trash
  • Cancellation deadline for 50% refund: May 15, 2024 (no refunds post 5/15)

Media Categories Not Accepted: 

  • Commercial manufactured art
  • Work assembled (wholly or in part) from commercially available kits
  • Two-dimensional art such as paintings and photographs. The only exception to this exclusion are original handmade prints made using traditional analog techniques.  
  • Commercially screen printed material, commercial etchings
  • Works that use materials acquired from the killing of endangered species, elephant/mammoth ivory, including fossilized ivory
  • Dried or silk flower arrangements
  • Specialty foods
  • Buy-sell items
  • CDs, DVDs, Books

Seconds, Supplies and Equipment: 

One person’s clutter may be another’s treasure! Accepted vendors of the craft show are welcome (but not required!) to sell seconds, supplies or equipment in a defined area of their own booths, or display items in the provided Seconds & Supplies tent. For artists that want to only display fine craft items in their booths, Shop Maine Craft will offer a Seconds & Supplies tent with inventory overseen by staff & volunteers. We will direct customers to the appropriate vendor to process sales – OR – we can process sales for you with a 10% processing fee / donation to the Maine Crafts Association.

Artists are welcome to exclusively sell Seconds, Supplies & Equipment in their booth space. Please apply/register your booth accordingly!

  • “Seconds” are defined as artist-created objects not quite right for full price retail or wholesale shows and stores. This might include objects with slight flaws that still function according to their intended use, or discontinued collections of work. 
  • Tools, materials or equipment offered must be specialized to the field of art/craft (For example: ceramic kiln shelves, glazes, sandblasters, brayers, carving tools, stretched canvas, etc). 
  • Broken / expired / unusable objects or equipment are not acceptable sale items.
  • An inventory of items & prices must be provided and objects clearly labeled with artists’ names prior to being placed in the Seconds & Supplies tent. 
  • Any unsold items must be removed by the seller at the end of the show. 
  • Shop Maine Craft will provide basic shelving and tables in the Seconds & Supplies tent. A free table will also be available! 

With approval, non-exhibiting artists may exclusively sell seconds, supplies or equipment in the Seconds & Supplies tent and will not be required to pay a booth fee. An inventory of items & prices must be provided and objects clearly labeled prior to the sale (link inventory template). Shop Maine Craft will process these sales and pay out vendors by check within 30 days minus a 10% fee / donation to the Maine Crafts Association.  Shop Maine Craft reserves the right to limit or decline the display of objects in the Seconds & Supplies tent. Any unsold items must be removed by the seller at the end of the show. 

Email with questions.