Forging; Flora + Fauna

Inspired by Nature, Crafted for Function.

Shop Maine Craft presents a solo exhibition by Danielle Gerber at Maine Craft Portland. On view: June 2 – 30, 2023.

Danielle Gerber of DMG Designs creates modern metalwares and jewelry using traditional smithing techniques. “While studying at Maine College of Art, I took a metals class, fell in love with the practice, and never looked back.”

Now the artisan uses the techniques she learned and honed—including cold forging, raising, and chasing & repoussé—to craft pieces inspired by her surroundings in the Western Maine mountains. She harmonizes her love of natural patterns and forms, like water and plant life, into her practice; Whether it’s the feather pattern on her spoons, the flower-inspired forms of her jewelry, or the natural texture of her forged cocktail picks and stirrers, Danielle’s metal pieces are the perfect way to add organic details to your bar cart, table top, and even yourself.

The sculptures and homewares made are spurred from a love of forming metal and the natural patterns created through the movement of water. These sculptures and objects utilize traditional forms with natural textures that are created through traditional silversmithing techniques; a slow methodical process, much the same way water sculpts the earth. Through the work, Danielle is drawn closer to the natural world and invites viewers to explore their own connections.

Danielle handcrafts in sterling silver, gold, copper, and brass, all of which are available on her website and select stores nationwide. You can view Danielle’s range of work at Maine Craft Portland.