Accelerated Momentum

Emerging Makers from
Maine College of Art & Design

On View: May 5 – 28, 2023 at Maine Craft Portland

Maine Craft Portland proudly presents the 2023 cohort of third year craft students at Maine College of Art & Design; Emerging makers in process-based fields focused on the intersection of art, craft, design, and functionality. These works showcase the various developments of a burgeoning studio-craft practice where the hand is the direct extension of the creative mind. Through their studies, students have demonstrated craft scholar Howard Risatti’s conviction that “…in a very real sense, properly made craft objects choreograph the hands’ and the body’s movements by making the user [and craft artisan] respond, literally and figuratively, to the object’s physical properties, to its structure, weight and texture.”

Their creativity is honed through a foundation of craft techniques and knowledge of how to make through the body performing a procedure of skills, prepping material, and its manipulation by hand and tools. Craft work is the experience of the conscious mind drawn through the hands, responding to touch, and providing coherent form to the material. For these emerging craftspeople, conscious changes in their making inspire adaptations from learned and conventional processes, so that they may accelerate momentum towards a future of craft while remaining connected to their history.

Participating Artists:

Allison Pavlof
Ben Sallman
Em McSalis
Emmett Jorgensen
Gillian Arden
Kit Moore
Lucas Cadena
Olivia Propeck
Parrish Kirchof
Olivia VanOot
Winslow Trainum

Maine College of Art & Design would like to thank the Maine Crafts Association for their continued dedication to promoting and preserving craft traditions throughout the state of Maine, specifically Whitney Gill – Director of Operations, Mia Del Bene – Gallery Manager, and Maria Wolff – (former) Manager.”

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Open Tuesday – Saturday 10 am-5 pm | Sunday 11 am – 3 pm
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