Maine-ly Trees~Seasons of Birches

Shop Maine Craft presents an exhibition of felted wool landscapes by Donna Lausier at the Center for Maine Craft.

On View: October 5 – November 2, 2022

My name is Donna Lausier and I love creating art with wool and other fibers. The textures and softness of the fine wool sifting through my fingers and the warm soapy water is truly a delightful process.

I draw upon the natural world to reflect my art and life, when as a child I spent much of my time in the Maine woods, where I found peace and where all of earth’s textures are revealed. My landscapes are a reflection of this peace and I hope to offer the viewer a sense of joyful wonder and a connection to their own inner peace.

I love the fact that my passion for creating art and the medium for my art, wool and other fibers is sustainable and earth friendly. The sheep are quite happy to be sheared and to share their locks.

Visit the Center for Maine Craft

The Center is located within the West Gardiner Service Plaza. 

288 Lewiston Rd West Gardiner, ME 04345 (map)

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