David H Masury Fine Furniture

Shop Maine Craft presents an exhibition of fine furniture by David H Masury at Maine Craft Portland. On view: March 3 – 26, 2023

Fumed White Oak Book Stand | David H Masury

David Masury has designed and built high end contemporary furniture for over thirty years. He enjoys the process of bringing quality furniture to his clients, and believes the process of designing individual pieces to enhance the visual aspects of a clients home is one of interactive discourse with the recipient.

David views the world with a curiosity that compels him to explore the limits of artistic furniture design. Observing the beauty of natural elements, such as the shape of trees in a storm, the sweep of tall grass, the volume and shape of a beach stone have both an immediate and yet long-term impact on his designs. The function of a piece and the interaction between texture and volume carry equal importance in the realization of the final form.

David is drawn to study great innovators of furniture design and the craftsmanship of other cultures. The Danish furniture architects, the shakers, sculptors, ancient toolmakers, all those engaged in adding a sense of beauty to their work inspire him to push his own creative aesthetic beyond the basic technical demands of furniture making. The need to explore further, push the limits, and create aesthetic and unique designs drives David to craft his furniture pieces with structural integrity and a timeless edge.

Maine Craft Portland will exhibit a collection of David Masury’s one of a kind pieces for the month of March with an exhibition opening during First Friday Art Walk, March 3, 2023 from 4-7pm.

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