Acid + Fire

Maine Crafts Portland presents the work of Mike & Liz Marks 

On View: August 6th – 29, 2021

Mike and Liz Marks met while pursuing their BFA’s at Maine College of Art in 2003. Since then, the painter and ceramicist have worked together in various mediums and run Fore River Gallery, an artist owned & operated gallery in Portland, Maine.

Looking for alternative ways to present photographs, Mike Marks uses the process of etching his photos and graphic design work into metal which are then fashioned into wall art and jewelry adornments.

Liz Marks has been studying ceramic techniques since the late 90’s focusing on raku and tile. Her passion for the raku firing process of required control while leaving the end results to chance are what sparks the creativity of Liz and and patrons alike.

Created especially for this Maine Craft Portland exhibition, Liz and Mike are utilizing Acid and Fire techniques in photographic metal etchings and ceramic wall pieces with imagery based on their beautiful Maine surroundings and harmonious work.

An exhibition not to be missed!