A (cold) season of WARMTH:
a handmade card exhibition

An exploration and celebration of the traditional greeting card as ART.

WHAT: A handmade card exhibition to celebrate the wintering season!
WHERE: Maine Craft Portland, 521 Congress St
WHEN: Opening night December 3rd, 5-8 pm

Centered around the feeling of WARMTH, we have curated a collection of handmade cards with original, unique designs and combinations of media. We want to encourage people to send cards to their loved ones this wintering season—whether it’s for a holiday or not—and to share warm feelings, loving words, and little pieces of locally made art.

We will hold a “Mailing Opening” at Maine Craft Portland on December 3rd from 5-8pm during the First Friday Art Walk! This will be an opportunity for anyone to purchase & send a card (or a few!) to friends & family near or far. We will have stamps available alongside a small card-writing station, encouraging people to write a thoughtful message & leave it in our hands before they leave.

For this holiday card exhibition, the theme is WARMTH. Coming out of (& possibly back into) the pandemic has forced a lot of contemplation around what brings closeness, comfort, & light into our lives. The holiday season is open abound in these feelings! Maybe this year you will be able to see your family for a hot, home-cooked feast? Maybe you feel safer being at home with a crackling fire, a good book, and a friendly feline companion? Even though the feeling of warmth is universal, we all find it at different times, in different places, and seek it out in different ways. Get creative with what this feeling (& word) means for you.

WARMTH could be….
a temperature
a personality – kindness, generosity, a good listener
a feeling within a space – comfort, hygge
a color palette – reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, creams
a way of describing the seasonal changes – warmth of the temperature in summer, warmth of the colors of the autumn trees, warmth of an interior the winter, warmth of the sun’s rays in Spring)
a testament to tradition – of wintering in Maine (craft, hibernation)
a yearning for summer days
a way to play with contrasts
a way of loving or of being with people you love
some related words:
light comfort creatures pets
illumination closeness hygge colors
happiness radiating traditions love
temperature family friends fire
blankets kindness gentle sweet
…& so much more!


  •  All applicants must be members of the MCA—either under the Professional or Retail membership level—and have completed our jury process in order to participate.
  • DESIGN – A completely original image/concept. We are asking for a limited edition run of 10-50 cards. This could be in the form of individual cards, sets of 4-6 cards or more, or a mix of both.
  • MATERIALS – Any & all handmade media types! This includes (but is not limited to): woodblock printing, letterpress, screen printing, watercolor, drawing, acrylic, collage, mixed media, etc. We aren’t looking for digitally printed reproductions.
  • SHAPE/SIZE – Mailable under a standard US stamp ($0.58 or Forever). Rectangular (not a square), at least 3 1/2“ high x 5“ long x 0.0007“ thick & no more than 6 1/8” high x 11 1/2” long x 1/4” thick, weight under 1 oz.*
  • MUST INCLUDE – Foldable card, envelope, & plastic/cellophane sleeve (for individual cards) or a box (for sets) to contain the cards & envelopes. Artist’s name (& website if you have one) on the
    back side of each card.
    *For size reference: https://pe.usps.com/businessmail101?ViewName=Letters

T O  E N T E R

Email Rosie at portland@shopmainecraft.com with the following info by October 31st:

  • Your name, membership level, and contact information.
  • A short description of your card ideas, concept, and media.


  • Entry deadline is October 31st.
  • Final cards must be delivered or sent to Maine Craft Portland by November 24th.
  • Opening reception will be at Maine Craft Portland on December 3rd (during Portland’s First Friday Art Walk).
  • Duration of show goes into the winter season—while supplies last.