MCA Guild Level Membership & Guild Fine Craft Show: STANDARDS

The MCA Guild Level Membership is the MCA’s only juried membership. This membership level is designed to attract and bring together professional craft artists to exhibit in the Guild Fine Craft Shows with other professional craft artists making craft work that is excellently conceived, crafted and presented. The intent of the shows is to nurture a market place where the public can see, collect and learn about the highest quality craft objects made by Maine’s most dedicated, talented and trained craft artists who have mastered their tools, techniques and vision to create original fine craft objects for everyday use and special occasions.

We encourage you to apply if you produce original fine craft 3D objects in one or more of the following categories: basketry, ceramics, encaustics, fiber (wearable), fiber (decorative), furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, letterpress, metal, mixed media, paper, *printmaking, stone and wood.
*Handmade prints made using traditional analog techniques only. No digital or reproduction prints are accepted.


To ensure a high level of quality in the work exhibited in the Guild Fine Craft shows, each jury is instructed to adhere to these guidelines in making decisions:

• Work is handmade and reflects excellence and the unique vision of its maker
• Work is well-conceived and skillfully executed without technical faults
• All work must be the design of the applicant and made in Maine* by the applicant or under their direct supervision.

*or by a member of the League of New Hampshire craftsmen per the exhibitor exchange with that organization. For more info:

What is eligible?

• Three-dimensional, handmade craft that meets the standard statements.

• Small-studio production work made under the direct supervision of the applicant. Direct supervision requires that the artist oversees production work as it occurs and provides constant direction, feedback, and assistance.

• Work that incorporates the use of technology, molds, casting and other efficiencies if the original design is the artists alone and the work meets the other standards.

If you are unsure if your work or media qualifies please ask!

What is not eligible?

• Commercially manufactured art

• Work assembled (wholly or in part) from commercially available kits.

• Work assembled (wholly or in part) from purchased or found components without the use of an accepted craft technique.

• Two-dimensional art such as paintings, prints, or photographs

• Mixed media work that uses paint and canvas as its primary medium

• Works that incorporates materials acquired from the killing of endangered species
-Elephant/mammoth ivory (this includes fossilized ivory)

• Dried or silk flower arrangements

• Soaps or other “personal care” products

• Value added commercially-made objects – (such as T-shirts, totes, hats, note cards, etc.)