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Clever Fox Mask Doll | Deb Butters


Clever Fox Mask Doll
Felted Wool & Mixed Media

Sometimes when she feels dull and unseen, she dresses as the Clever Fox. She becomes witty and sharp and alive, and people take notice and seek out her company.

Materials: cotton, wire, paperclay, wool. leather. beach stone, knitted sweater

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Deb Butters
Portland, ME

Deb is a Maine native and loves living in this coastal state, “with all the weather changes I can stand”.  She has always worked with her hands, in her dad’s shop or sewing and knitting with Mom. Deb believes everyone is creative and artistic. “It is important to me that skills and talent are shared”, she says. “If someone asks- teach. If no one asks- offer.”

Deb’s delightful felted treasures contain magic, humor, heart and natural materials such as wool, wood and metal.

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