Rosie AllevaMaine Craft Portland

Rosie Alleva grew up in Southern Maine surrounded by colors and creativity. Especially interested in the intersection between art and community, Rosie is always looking to redefine her role as an artist, person, and human of the world. Her love of craft art lies in its educational components–from learning about each maker and understanding the deeply rooted histories, traditions, and adaptations of their craft to hearing the unique story behind every piece. Additionally, she loves the frequent use of regional materials and environmental consciousness often akin to the craft art community. This interest led Rosie to live and learn in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, but, after missing the beauty of the Northeast, she is grateful to have recently returned home to the comfort and refuge of Maine. With her return, Rosie is excited to begin a new chapter in Portland, to connect, grow, and learn alongside the city’s wonderful creative community, and to see as many ocean sunrises as possible once again.

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