Mary Kay SpencerCenter for Maine Craft
Mary Kay Spencer graduated from UConn in 1979. In 1986 she left the medical field and moved to Georgetown, Maine to pursue pottery full time. From humble beginnings of renting space in a friend’s barn to house her kiln and wheel to a full-blown production operation developed at her home with her husband Jeff, Mary Kay has been crafting fine, colorfully hand-painted stoneware pieces that please the eye and feel good in the hand for over 30 years.
Mary Kay has been a long-time member of the Maine Crafts Association and has aided in the development of numerous programs. In November 2008 Mary Kay helped to open the Center for Maine Craft and worked as a sales associate for two years. Over the past decade she has remained on-call, continuously providing her valuable time, knowledge, experience, and skills. She now serves behind the scenes as part-time bookkeeper aiding the Business Manager, Nire Cook.