Maria WolffManager, Maine Craft Portland

Maria first understood the art of craftsmanship from her father, Hans E. Wolff, a fifth-generation Master Joiner from Denmark who operated a fine furniture manufacturing shop in an old New England retrofitted textile mill.

It was when she first took a saw, file and torch to metal in 1996 that Maria knew immediately that this was to be her craft. After taking every local metalsmithing class she could, she entered the four-year BFA Metalsmithing and Jewelry program at Maine College of Art. After college, she experienced working as assistant to juried fine artists and galleries represented in ACC Baltimore, Art Rider NYC, SOFA Chicago, Palm Beach3 and SCOPE London shows.

Maria returned to Portland, Maine and co-founded the Metals Collective in 2010. She has spearheaded the organization of over 18 group shows and events working with over 20 metalsmithing and jewelry artists in the greater Portland, Maine community.

In her own studio practice, Maria creates work inspired by Viking history and mythology. She primarily works in silver and bronze with additional elements in stone, bone, wood, leather and horsehair, as the theme of each piece dictates. In her downtime. Maria enjoys playing various harp instruments to her adorable house trained rabbits, Merlin and Arthur.

To Maine Craft Portland, Maria brings the passion of being an active maker, years of professional experience in the sales of art and craft and cultivated relationships within the Arts District of Portland, Maine and beyond. She strives to inspire, welcoming the challenge of keeping the dedication and education of craft alive for local makers, supporting venues and patrons.

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