Kaela BrennanCenter for Maine Craft

Raised in central Maine, Kaela has always been passionate about Maine and its natural beauty and wildlife. She typically finds herself, through all seasons, finding a way to enjoy all of the natural components Maine has to offer. Kaela was introduced to art through her mother who is a local ceramics artist and teacher. At a younger age she found an interest in photography after inheriting a camera from her Grandfather. Two years ago Kaela found her medium in glass after moving in with her boyfriend in Mount Vernon, where she found herself behind a torch learning the art of lampworking in their home studio. Today she focuses predominantly on Stained Glass where she relates her love for nature, wildlife, and incorporates her original passion of working with animals into her creations. She enjoys reflecting her admiration for wildlife through her art and uses her photography as a basis for her designs. She is also passionate about becoming as self sustainable as possible and can often be found at her farm and gardens growing and harvesting her own food. She enjoys spending time on her homestead with her three dogs exploring the outdoors.


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