Round Trip Clayworks

Round Trip Clayworks is a team of two ceramic artists and partners Erika Novak and Drew Darley.

The two began making ceramics in 2015 at Central Connecticut State University. Both Erika and Drew were pursuing their undergrads in different disciplines; Drew was studying for a math degree and Erika was working toward an environmental geography degree. They met when taking a ceramics elective class at the university. After graduation they opened a ceramics studio together, where they spent the next few years finding their artistic voices and refining their distinctive styles.

Every piece of pottery is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel and carved or finished with extra attention to detail. The pieces are glazed with one of a kind high fire crystalline or stoneware glazes. From mugs to vases every piece is completely unique and attains the highest level of craftsmanship. Drew specializes in Crystalline glazes and bottle forms. All his glazes are meticulously formulated and mixed by hand in small batches. Drew is inspired by form and shape while throwing on the wheel. Erika specializes in hand carved patterns and decorations. There is a vibrancy that is at once ornate and down to earth. Erika pulls influences from a mix of art deco, mid-century modern, art nouveau design, and a touch of seventies retro kitsch .Many pieces both artist have a part in making.

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