Self-Assessment Tool: Am I ready to sell in Shop Maine Craft Galleries?

Please use this self-assessment tool to determine if you, your business and your product are a good match for Shop Maine Craft galleries. Checking off all boxes is not required, but if you check less than half, you may require additional training or support before we can carry your work.

  • My product is made in Maine
  • I live in Maine (6 month minimum)
  • My product is made (or composed of components I have made) using craft/art methods
  • I have personally visited the craft galleries and believe my products fit the price point, quality, and standards represented
  • I have sold my product to customers beyond my friends and family
  • I have done pricing research and know how to price my work
  • I have a website
  • My website has ecommerce
  • My products are sold on a third party website (etsy, artful home, downeast, etc)
  • I consign or wholesale my product with other retailers
  • The cost of one of my products is the same anywhere a customer buys it (i.e. my studio, a gallery, a craft show, the farmer’s market, online). With the exception of seconds or a special sale or promotion.
  • The gross sales from my product exceeded $1000 last year
  • I have a bank account associated with my business name
  • I have professionally photographed high-quality images of my products
  • I have marketing materials such as: business cards, brochures, catalogues, or postcards
  • My products have a warranty, guarantee or statement of quality