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What the Sea Left Behind | Mimi Gregoire Carpenter


On a walk along the ocean shore in Maine, a little girl finds a variety of objects left behind by the sea.

Written and Illustrated by Mimi Gregoire Carpenter
Format: Picture Book
Length: 32 pages
Publication Date: Janurary, 1981
ISBN: 9780892721238

Located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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Mimi Gregoire Carpenter has always been fascinated by the seashells and other objects she has collected along the beach at Pemaquid– a collection that has been growing since childhood. Her studio is filled with seaweeds, pebbles, urchins, crabs, mussels, and other skeletons of the seashore. She prefers to work within the more intimate scope of these small objects, in contrast to the broad perspective of most seascapes, and therefore refers to her detailed opaque watercolors as “anti-seascape/landscapes.” Her graceful, realistic paintings reveal the beauty in the broken, scarred and imperfect objects that the sea leaves behind.

Mimi Carpenter was born and raised in Maine and holds a degree in Art from the University of Southern Maine. She lives with her husband Jaime, and her daughter Tessa, in the inland town of Oakland, but still the sea is in her blood.

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