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Viking Butterfly Necklace | Maria Wolff


Bring out your natural Viking spirit with this Butterfly Viking Necklace! The fine silver chain is hand woven in a Viking style and holds a sterling silver pendant housing a delicate real butterfly wing under a magnifying glass. It can be worn as long as 31″ or doubled up to be worn as a choker. Each piece is uniquely created by the artist with no two alike.

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland.

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Maria Wolff
Portland, ME

Maria grew up around the 5th generation master joinery craft of her father from Denmark. Her metalwork carries elements of Scandinavian design and romantic history handed down from the stories and experiences of her European and French Canadian parents. She is currently studying the craft and mythology of the Vikings. Along with this influence, she couples it with her long time love for the undulating lines of nature and fantasy indicative of the Art Nouveau aesthetic . Each piece is entirely hand woven, hand forged, fabricated and embellished with some carrying real butterfly wings carefully set underneath a magnifying crystal to better appreciate nature’s remarkable beauty for generations.


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Dimensions 1.25 in