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Undercurrent Vase II | Valerie McCaffrey


Undercurrent (Purple Tone)
Valerie McCaffrey
Large Concrete Planter/Vase
Molded & Hand Carved

I was learning about the non duality perspective while working on the new planters. Non dualism in an ancient perspective that basically says, “We are all one. There is no ‘other.’ There is just one consciousness.” I am loving exploring these new themes, and I am grateful to have art making as a tool to understand and share my perspective as well as to keep me grounded in the here and now!

Nobody would ever choose to live during a pandemic. It is certainly an event that most would, if given a chance, opt out of. But the pandemic ensued. Its forced slowing down and the resulting introspection had some wonderful gifts for me. I used this time to lean into some of the themes I had been previously mulling over and developing in the studio. The theme of consciousness, in all its various forms, intrigued me. Terms such as unconscious, subconscious, and doing something “with” consciousness or “all encompassing” consciousness attracted me like a magnet. – Valerie McCaffrey, 2022

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of the Valerie McCaffrey: Fresh Planters & Beyond Exhibition.  This piece is ineligible for automatic shipping due to the size and weight.  Please contact us if you have any any inquiries before purchase.

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Garden Guardians
South Portland, ME

After graduating from the Maine College of Art in Portland, Valerie McCaffrey spent her days working with people in hospice and with disabilities, encouraging them to tap into their emotions through art. Valerie says she’s always been fascinated by the connection between our minds and the things we produce with our hands.

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