The Yule Tree Skirt | The Faithful Hound


The Yule Tree Skirt features six identical panels. Garlands of oranges adorn the inner circle of the skirt around the base of the tree with pine boughs shooting out towards the outer circle. Mice with snowdrops celebrate the season while keeping hope that the sun will come again. Queen Anne’s lace is the centerpiece of the skirt, with their delicate snowflake petals they remind us of the seasons and traditions of families present and past.

****While these may look black and white in some photos the color is actually navy!

The heavyweight organic canvas is pre-shrunk and stands up to spills during watering and repeated vacuuming. Machine wash cold tumble dry. Iron no steam.


52 inches across.
Overall circumference 163 inches.

Located at the Center for Maine Craft.

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The Faithful Hound
Waterboro, Maine

Kirsten Flakne is an illustrator and craftsman based in Waterboro, Maine. She holds a BFA in Crafts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

“I am always trying to capture tiny moments in the garden. Parting the tall grass and getting a glimpse at what goes on beneath. Insects scurrying about their business. Maybe a snake or a toad having an afternoon nap. I like to imagine a fox galloping through the forest, stirring up the fall leaves while the birds sing their autumnal hymns. It is in these hidden places where I gain inspiration for my work. With all Maine has to offer it’s easy to overlook the small things that make this such a special place to live. So I try to bring them into the home, hoping people will gain an appreciation for native wildflowers like beardtongue and goldenrod. I hope to inspire an appreciation for Maine’s biodiversity and use imagery that tells a story.
I begin with a hand drawing which I scan and fine tune on the computer before I burn it to a silkscreen and print onto each item. I then assemble items like the tree skirts, pillows and napkins and do the sewing. My towels are manufactured in the USA and my canvas and linen are GOT certified organic. I use all waterbased ink and practice low impact printing and cleaning methods to recycle the waste water my studio creates.”

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Stoneware Clay, Glaze