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The Tangled Loon | Virginia Cassarino-Brown


On a warm summer evening, a young boy named Jason skips rocks across the surface of a lake in Maine. He sees his elderly neighbor, Mr. Brown hunched over the side of a boat trying to untangle fishing line that is wrapped around a loon. Jason soon realizes that Mr. Brown can’t free the bird on his own. Will he be able help his old neighbor save the tangled loon? This story, inspired by true events, poignantly demonstrates that the lives of humans and animals are interwoven and delicately balanced. Another underlying message found between the lines of The Tangled Loon shows us how friendships can be made during the most unexpected times and circumstances.

Written by Virginia Cassarino-Brown
Illustrated by Dawn Leeman Prindall
Format: Softcover Picture Book
Length: 28 pages
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 9781597131186

Located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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Virginia Cassarino-Brown is a native of Bethesda, Maryland, but moved to Maine 28 years ago with her husband, Allan. They reside in Harpswell and have two grown children, Jason and Jordan. Virginia has written stories for the magazine, Adventures for the Average Woman and Thin Threads: More Real Stories for Life Changing Moments. The Tangled Loon is her first children’s book. She is currently working on another.

Dawn Leeman Prindall has happily “doodled” throughout life working as an artist, a set-designer, a community liaison, an educator, a part-time waitress and more. Kids and community are incredibly important to Dawn and she is dedicated to both, volunteering for numerous groups. Whatever endeavor Dawn pursues, she is inspired by life on Orr’s Island, Maine and by her vibrant friends and family. She is thrilled to be accompanied by her true love, Dave, and two very great (and nearly grown) sons, Sam and Tim. Dawn’s motto: Make the world a little better, each and every day.

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