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The Long And Short Of It | Naomi Grace McNeill


The Long And Short Of It
Naomi McNeill
Copper and Plexiglass

I started in a chess club just before middle school. We would work on chess puzzles as a group. Our coach would use a home made, pocket bearing, wall hanging chess set. This way the whole group could see the board while sitting down. He’d often say things like, “The next best move is here, and what are we going to do? That’s right, stay cool as a cucumber.” Or “We could move here, but! Knights on the rim are grim.” 

Earlier this year, I pulled out my old tournament style chess set. Coaching my husband into a worthy opponent while casually flexing my chess muscles, I enthusiastically blurted out, “Knights on the rim are grim!” 

My husband gave me a confused look.
My inner preteen ego rolled it’s eyes. 

I burst out laughing. 

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This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of The Craft Maker’s Gambit Exhibition.

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Naomi Grace McNeill
Portland, ME

Naomi Grace McNeill has a BFA from Maine College of Art in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. Captivated by the process of design and forming metal, all of her work is hand crafted by her and her husband in Portland, Maine. Her designs are inspired by the delicate nature of honeycomb, engineered to wear every day.

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