The Adventures of Aku | Ashley Bryan


When sent to retrieve their master’s magic ring from Spider Ananse, Okra the cat and Okraman the dog prove their true worth in this beautifully illustrated tale from acclaimed illustrator Ashley Bryan.

In this story within a story, when the jealous Spider Ananse steals a ring from Aku, Aku’s dog and cat join him on many adventures to retrieve it. While in the end they are successful, Okra, the cat, proves to have been the more capable companion while the dog gets into troubles of his own, and this is why dogs now sleep and eat on the ground, while cats get the best bed in the house and tasty treats.

Format: Hardcover Picture Book
Length: 70 pages
Publication Date: 1976
ISBN: 9780689305191

Located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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Ashley Bryan grew up to the sound of his mother singing from morning to night, and he has shared the joy of song with children ever since. A beloved illustrator, he was recently named a Newbery Honoree for his picture book, Freedom Over Me. He has also been the recipient of the Coretta Scott King—Virginia Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award; the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award; has been a May Hill Arbuthnot lecturer; a Coretta Scott King Award winner; and the recipient of countless other awards and recognitions. His books include Freedom Over MeSail AwayBeautiful BlackbirdBeat the Story-Drum, Pum PumLet It ShineAshley Bryan’s Book of Puppets; and What a Wonderful World. He lives in Islesford, one of the Cranberry Isles off the coast of Maine.

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