Termination of Benefits | Jane Sloven


In Termination of Benefits, counselor Sarah Green is highly skilled at helping her clients untangle their emotional dilemmas but she doesn’t do so well with her own—and she’s got big ones—frightening flashbacks of a close friend’s murder and a pesky psychic lineage she can no longer suppress.

When a psychopath starts stalking Maine’s counseling community, Sarah struggles to separate past trauma from present danger while juggling an ex-husband hot to reconcile and the tempting attentions of a sexy detective. She joins forces with a take-no-prisoners defense attorney, a top-notch private eye, and her office mate Louise to catch the killer before he strikes again.

When all her skills can’t save her from the clutches of a predator, Sarah discovers a wealth of courage, and gratefully accepts all the help she can get—from this world and the next.

Written by Jane Sloven
Format: Softcover Chapter Book
Length: 265 pages
Publication Date: 2018
ISBN: 9781633811300

Located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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Jane Sloven is a writer, psychotherapist, and retired attorney living in Portland, Maine, with her husband Joe and dog, Benji. Jane graduated from American University with a BA in Literature, New England School of Law with a JD, and the University of Connecticut with an MSW. Termination of Benefits is Jane’s first mystery. She has co-authored Compassionate Journey: Honoring Our Mother’s Stories, and is working on a sequel to Termination of Benefits. When not reading or writing or sequestering during COVID, Jane can be found walking her dog, sipping tea and laughing with her husband and friends, swimming, painting, or scouring antique shops, consignment shops, and junk shops for treasures.

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