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Statue Of Love | by Robin F. | The Art Department


Statue of Love
by Robin F.

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This piece is part of the exhibition 3D Love at Maine Craft Portland.
On View: February 4 – February 27, 2022

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The Art Department
Portland, ME

The Art Department (T.A.D) is a nonprofit leadership program that advocates career exploration for Maine artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

T.A.D’s mission is to provide professional support for artists striving to reach their creative potential, in an environment that encourages each individual to develop technical skills, as well as collaborations with local artists, strategies for self-promotion, and connections through community events that contribute to the greater Portland art scene and beyond.

T.A.D provides art supplies, cameras, computers, studio space, and professional instruction to over 50 local artists in downtown Portland. Through public access to our workspaces and galleries, we strengthen community contacts and conversations about the inspiring talent and innovative creations of our artists.

T.A.D is a program of Creative Trails

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