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This shaving soap is a natural alternative to commercial shaving creams. The soothing lavender scent is fresh but subtle, and the natural materials are great for even sensitive skin!

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil, filtered water, organic castor oil, clay, oat meal, organic lavender essential oil.

How to Use
Lather in your hand and apply to your face or leg, shave. If you missed a spot reapply the soap with your fingers and shave again. Most people find it doesn’t sting and that the skin stays soft and is not irritated with repetitive shavings.

This item is located at Maine Craft Portland, and featured in the special exhibition Hey, Handsome!

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Ancestral French Soaps
Monroe, ME

​At Ancestral French Soaps we create cleansers that will nourish you and the planet we share. Calling upon wisdom of our French foremothers, we have adapted traditional recipes to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our cold process, long curing soaps are luxurious, long lasting, and perfectly clean. Our commitment to preserving the earth is shown in every step of our product. We use only certified organic extra virgin olive oil, organic essential oils, herbal extracts, mica and earth-based pigments.

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