Rook | Nancy Nevergole


Nancy Nevergole

Never having the opportunity to play chess, nor researching it, my inspiration came from surrealist artists and other art historical references, such as Romanesque and medieval carvings and capitals found in monastery environments.

The name of a given chess piece conjured up feelings that influenced my interpretation:

The king being just a ‘figurehead’ so not placed on a pedestal.  

The bishop looking foreboding, an ‘antichrist,’ instead of a hopeful saint.

And the pawn, just a ‘throw-away’, a folly or jester.

These pieces are a reference to the actual chess pieces.

Their soft whiteness helps define the details, and gives clarity to a quiet strength.

Whether perched on a pedestal or not, there is a singularity within each of engagement or resistance.

A creative and fun process, the assembled pieces are made from liquid clay slip that were shaped in a mold and altered.

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of The Craft Maker’s Gambit Exhibition.

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Nancy Nevergole
Portland, ME

Nancy is a ceramic sculpture artist at Sawyer Street Studios.  She makes large sculptures often relating to her life in personal ways.

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